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🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage my ⭐ Superstar school site?

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How do I manage my school site?

1. How do I add a new activity or event to my classroom page?

Log into your account, select Posts -> Add New and add your content (title, description, images, galleries, videos and so on). From the Document section (on the right) select the My Classroom category. Add a Featured Image and you’re all set! See How-To Gallery #1 for screenshots.

2. How do I add new blocks? Headings, paragraphs, videos, galleries?

The WordPress block editor allows you to add any type of block you need. See How-To Gallery #2 for screenshots.

3. How do I add a gallery and how do I customise it?

Superstar allows you to add 7 types of media blocks: single image, gallery, tiled gallery, slideshow, media & text, local video, YouTube video. See below a short description of each media block type.

4. How do I change block types, format blocks and add links?

The block editor provides a “spotlight” toolbar for each active/selected block. See below several tutorial videos.

5. Are there any tips and tricks for faster publishing?

a. Start a new by typing /block (e.g. /gallery or /video) instead of using the + icon.
b. Click on Browse All in the block popup to see all available blocks. Explore more types of blocks (e.g. columns, spacers, separators, forms, maps, social links, buttons, image covers, audio files). Also embed content from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Animoto and more). The sky’s the limit.
c. If you find yourself using the same content over and over again, save it as a Reusable Block and save time.

How-To Gallery #1

Hit Publish when you are done. Note that you can always come back to amend a gallery, to change the description or the title.

How-To Gallery #2

Block Types

Note that all block properties are displayed to the right of the post in the Inspector sidebar. If the Inspector is not visible, toggle it from the Gear icon (top right).

Single Image

A single image file uploaded from your computer or from an existing one in the Media Library.


A gallery of thumbnails or square/rectangular shaped images, with optional links to each image, opening in a new tab.

Tiled Gallery

A gallery of tiled images, shown as thumbnails, square shapes, rectangular shapes, cropped images, masonry images, with optional links to each image, opening in a slideable carousel view.


A gallery of slideable/swipeable images, displayed one at a time.

Media & Text

A two-column preset block with an image on the left (or the right) and text on the right (or the left).


A locally hosted video file, usually in .mp4 format.

YouTube Video

A YouTube hosted video. Just paste the link or use the YouTube block.

Tutorial Videos

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